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Political Economics of Open Source and Intellectual Property


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Free and Open Source Software contributor. Founder and partner, Endocode. Director, Linux System Definition, Open Invention Network. KDE contributor since 1997 (including several years on the KDE e.V. board). Visiting lecturer and researcher at the Technical University of Berlin. Qt-certified specialist and trainer. Openforum Academy fellow. Berlin, Germany.


  • Open Source
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Political Economics
  • Intellectual Property

Talks & Events

Continuous Compliance - The Introduction, with OpenChain and Quartermaster

Malcolm Bain, Andrew Katz and I presented a workshop at FOSS Backstage 2018 (also the first FOSS Backstage event) in Berlin in June …

Open Source und Smart Services - Chancen durch Standards und Normen

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology holds a workshop series on “Open Source and Smart Services”. I was …

Compliance Tooling using Build Time Analysis

Quartermaster was presented at the BCS Open Source Specialist Group hosted event on Yanking the Chain: Open Source Software Compliance …

The Need for Build-time Analysis in Open Source Compliance Tooling: Lessons Learned from the Quartermaster Prototype

The talk at the Linux Foundation Open Source Leadership Summit marked the first time we could present Quartermaster to a wider …

AGL and the Open Invention Network Linux System Definition

The Open Invention Network (OIN) protects the Open Source ecosystem against litigation of software patents. This networked, …


Video conferencing at scale - A practical guide

We are video conferencing day-in day-out now. Small conversations via video call are a regular part of remote work. In times of …

OpenForum Academy Workshop - Exploring Modern Dimensions of Openness

The OpenForum Academy held its second 2019 workshop in Brussels this week. OpenForum Academy is a European-based independent think tank …

Microsoft Joins the Open Invention Network Community

Today, Microsoft and Open Invention Network (OIN) announced that Microsoft has become a member of the OIN community. OIN is the largest …

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Stuff To Read

The Relationship Between Open Source Software and Standard Setting

Standards and open source development are both processes widely adopted in the ICT industry to develop innovative technologies and …

The emergence of governance norms in volunteer-driven open source communities

Free and open source software communities develop their governance norms and practises as they grow from small to medium to large sized …

Normungs- und Standardisierungsorganisationen und Open Source Communities – Partner oder Wettbewerber

Normen und Standards sind integraler Bestandteil der digitalen Transformation. Unternehmen und Anwender finden jedoch eine immer …

KDE e.V. - the Backbone of the KDE Community

On October 14, 2016 KDE celebrated its 20th birthday. The project that started as a desktop environment for Unix systems, today is a …

An analytical review of text and data mining practices and approaches in Europe

TDM can be approached using different regulatory options, such as an explicit right in the national or European law, an optional …


The Relationship Between Open Source Software and Standard Setting

The Joint Research Center of the European Commission commission a study on The Interaction between Open Source Software and FRAND …


Execute Unix shell commands in Markdown documentation as tests.

The FLOSSary

A glossary af Free and Open Source Software related terminology


Innovation Economics

I teach the course Open Source and Intellectual Property in the Digital Society at the Chair of Innovation Economics of the Technical University of Berlin. The course is open to students with an economics, computer science or engineering background. It is thought in English.