When the bazaar sets out to build cathedrals


The chapter for the Beautiful Architecture book provides an overview of the history and structure of the KDE community, describes the Akonadi and ThreadWeaver projects and illustrates the culture and community spirit that drives free software.

in Spinellis, D.; Gousios, G. (2009). Beautiful architecture: leading thinkers reveal the hidden beauty in software design. O’Reilly Media, Inc

The book is a collection of articles about software design with a focus on FOSS. It tries to answer the question: “What are the ingredients of robust, elegant, flexible, and maintainable software architecture? Beautiful Architecture answers this question through a collection of intriguing essays from more than a dozen of today’s leading software designers and architects. In each essay, contributors present a notable software architecture, and analyze what makes it innovative and ideal for its purpose.”

All royalties from the book have been donated to Doctors Without Borders.

Mirko Boehm
Mirko Boehm
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